Minimising my Lounge and Dining Room


Minimalist Lounge and KitchenOur comfort zone for relaxation, recuperation and family bonding.  This is where we share meals, build puzzles, complete homework and share stories of our day. My goal was to have this area functional for what we use on a daily basis.  Not functional for the once a year Christmas meal.

These are the things I took into consideration:

Dining Room

Is your side server functional or an ornament and photograph holder? If you are using it for storage, see what you could minimise that is in there. Then see what could be relocated to the kitchen and if the server is still required. We have an 8 seater dining table but I only have 6 chairs at the dining table.  The other two chairs the children use at their desks in their rooms.  When we have guests for dinner we simply move the chairs to the dinning area. This has helped me minimise the area while still leaving it functional.  It has also saved us money by not having to purchase desk chairs.


Relaxation, Tranquillity and fun is what I wanted the lounge to represent in our house. An area for movie nights, board games and puzzle building. First decide what feeling and functionality you want to achieve and then minimise towards that.  Too many big bulky items make a space feel cramped and dark. Letting in natural light with minimised decor will help you achieve a tranquil lounge.


I am an avid reader and love to learn so books have always been a part of my life.   I decided to keep those non-fiction books that have had a profound impact on my life. These are books that I will turn to again when the need arises.  All the other books were donated and I have comfort in knowing they will be appreciated by another reader. I now have only 10 books but they are those that build me and make me a better person.


We kept the classics and the ones we would want to watch with our children as they grow up. During this lock down period of Corona-virus we have actually made use of them.  It has been fun having movie nights and reminiscing on our younger years.


I have kept only those that have real sentimental value to me.  I have four sentimental items passed down from my grandparents that I will pass onto each of my children one day.  My husband and I travelled for four years before having children.  We collected memorabilia from so many places.  As our life and priorities have changed, we find these have less meaning now.

Wall Units

These always tend to be big and bulky with lots of cubicles, draws and shelving.  A prime product for clutter.  We had one and getting rid of it has been the best minimising decision I have made.  It has freed up an enormous amount of space and made the lounge feel more airy and light.  What we have installed now is pure fit for purpose and nothing more.   We painted our old mahogany coffee table grey and changed the handles.  The lounge went from dark and bulky to new and airy with only a few small changes.  We managed to change and minimise this area without spending more money than what we sold our old wall unit for.

You cannot underestimate the impact that space has on your life. I remember when I finished minimising the kitchen, lounge and dining room I actually felt like it was easier to breath.  You may dismiss it as just stuff but that stuff you keep walking past is registered in your subconscious.  That clutter takes up space in your mind and generally comes with a to do list.  I no longer have that nagging to do list sitting in my subconscious. I can now just Chill!

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