Minimising my Kitchen

Minimalist KitchenI love, love, love kitchen stuff but at the same time get annoyed with cramped cupboards. As a true South African we love entertaining. Braai’s in Summer and Potjies in Winter,  with a bowl and plate for every occasion!  This was by far my biggest challenge, its time to get brutally honest with myself and my kitchen.

WARNING – ensure you have an entire uninterrupted day to get through this area before starting.

Below things to consider:

Large Appliances

The deep fat fryer,  2 coffee machines, rice cooker, bread maker etc. Consider how often you use them and is there not an alternative that could be used.  Example: Rice cooker, can you cook rice in a pot?  Deep fat fryer, can you fry in a pot or you can use the oven?

Pots and Pans

Pots, Pans, Colanders and Roasting Dishes, select the ones you use daily. Think about your Sunday roast, this is generally the meal that uses up most of these items, make sure you have enough.  Consult with other family members who cook as we all have our favourites that we prefer using.

Serving Dishes

The only time we really use serving dishes is Christmas and sometimes when we have guests over. Consider your Pyrex and oven pots and pans that can be used as serving dishes as well.  From oven or stove to table has its benefits, food stays hotter for longer and result in fewer dishes.


The worst cupboard in the kitchen, its always in a mess. Basically if you don’t use it lose it.  Get rid of anything that is missing its partner. The less you have in this kitchen cupboard/draw the easier it is to maintain. Kids drinking bottles and school lunch bags start creeping in unnoticed in numbers. One per child is enough with a neutral extra for that morning emergency when the zip breaks!

Plates, side plates and bowls.

Its time for those impractical or duplicate Wedding gifts to find a new home!  Mixed matched, chipped and child unfriendly items need to hit the road.  Keep what is practical for you and your family.  As a family of five I have a set of 12, this gets me through two days before having to put the dishwasher on.  This works for us. Consider your life style, your family and what will make the most sense for you.  The objective is to clear your space to give you back time, freedom and enjoyment of being in the kitchen again.

Cutlery and Cooking Utensils

You will be surprised how little you actually need. I have a cutlery set of 12, just like my dinner set, for dishwasher reasons. Cooking utensils, one of each is all you need. Then one of each for things like tip opener, potato peelers, wine bottle opener etc.

Glasses, Mugs, Tea Cups

These are definitely gifting items.  Just because you were gifted a mug does not mean that you need to keep it! Pay it forward and gift it to someone else or someone in need. Opt for duel roll glasses that can be used for soft drinks, wine and whisky.  These always work better if they can be individually replaced.

Baking equipment

Simple if you have not used it in the last 6 months it’s unlikely you will use it anytime soon, get rid of it. You either a baker or you not.

That bottom draw

Better known as the chuck it draw – get rid of it. Everything in that draw has a place in the house, it just has not been taken to its rightful place.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where laughter, conversations and teachings take place. Having a clutter free and easy flowing space will enhance these experiences. Nothing in the kitchen should be a chore but rather a mindful activity that is filled with love and care for those closest to you. After all the best ingredient in any dish is love.

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