Minimising my Bathroom


Minimalist Bathroom

The most natural progression from the wardrobe was minimising my bathroom. Depending on the kind of person you are this can be the hardest or easiest room in the house. The main objective is to get down to those few items required to remain hygienic. Keep only the  makeup you wear on a day to day basis.  Keep counter tops  clutter and mess free.

Below are the things I took into consideration:

Hotel mini bottles

Out they go because you don’t need them at home. Next time you visit a hotel pack your own toiletries and refrain from bringing back the mini bottles. This can be your way of contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Shampoo, Conditioner, etc

Half-filled body washes, body creams, shampoos and conditioners can be consolidated into one bottle per category and then used until complete so as not to waste. Once you have used the left overs select the brands you like most and that you can afford and stick to them.

His and Hers

Do away with all the his her products and find something that works for everyone.  This will reduce clutter, save money and time when it comes to the shopping list.  Face products for his and hers are acceptable as they are tailored to suit your own skin type.


Select one toothpaste that the whole family likes. If you have small kids keep using age appropriate toothpaste for them because they have lower levels of fluoride. Usually by age 6 they are on the same fluoride content as adults,  dependant on your brand preference.

Make – up

Make up can be a very dirty place and it does not stay hygienic for very long. Keep the brand you like the most and discard the rest. If you like mixing up your colours for winter versus summer then consider purchasing a small pallet to get you through just that season.

the non-essential items

These are all your bubble baths, bath salts, scrubs etc.  These are items I never purchase for myself they always gifted.  I make use of them but in the interest of minimising my bathroom they not on my shopping list.  If you are someone who does enjoy a good salt bath then just stick to one product at a time.


Finding products that work for everyone contributes to minimising your bathroom and also saves you money. Less product means less to purchase and less money spent, it’s a no brain-er.

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