Life Against The Grain

This journey started 3 years ago, when we switched from DSTV to Netflix.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and had been searching internally for how to combat this over scheduled, financially burdened hectic life. While flicking through documentary programs on Netflix I stumbled on The Minimalists, a program about getting rid of stuff and simplifying life, this became my game changer.

While working a full time job and taking care of my 2 children, I systematically started going through all my stuff.  My perfectionist and unsentimental nature contributed greatly to the exhilaration of getting rid of all the excess.  I felt a sense of freedom in getting rid of things. My husband on the other hand stood by very nervously as things started to disappear!

I spent some time re-organising our schedules. Like most parents, the majority of my husband’s afternoon while still working was spent taxing the kids from one sporting or extra mural event to the next.  This left us with an overstretched budget, exhausted kids and exhausted parents.

Fortunately we have never been the type of couple to spend extreme amounts of money that we don’t have. Re-evaluating finances was relatively easy for us and we achieved our goals in a short space of time. We did re-look at what we considered a necessity versus a luxury,  when you start digging down you will be surprised at how much we like to categorise as necessity which in actual fact is luxury.

Life has changed dramatically for the better through the elimination of stuff and that overbearing schedule. We have replaced things with experiences and making memories which we will carry through life.  As I sit here today in the midst of world chaos and lock down with the Pandemic of Corona virus, I couldn’t be more grateful with the life choices that we have made, to live Life Against The Grain

This is not an end game but a journey, a journey to keep remembering what is truly important, a journey to keep growing and developing into the best version of yourself. As the clutter and noise has disappeared the biggest challenge now is the state of mindfulness and self-love that is the most important in finding that inner peace that we all search for.

I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me.

Regards, Nadine